Fortress REIT Adopts The QuoinOS Software Solution To Sell Their Properties

When Quoin Online developed and launched its software,  the initial strategy was to license white-labelled transactional software to Landlords. However, in 2014, the market was slow to see what we saw……..using technology to make transacting of commercial property more efficient and cost effective.

Undeterred, we used our software to dispose of property portfolios on behalf of various owners, most notably Nedbank, Growthpoint, MMI, Redefine, Fortress, Imperial Holdings, Standard Bank, FNB, among others. During COVID, we came full circle, with Landlords using the QuoinOS software to sell their properties on a white labelled platform.

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QuoinOS has launched the Fortressonline platform with the disposal of 8 properties. This is a portfolio of retail, industrial and office properties in desirable locations, with strong lease covenants. 

This cutting edge proptech manages both the marketing and transactional elements of a sale, allowing the seller to manage an online marketing campaign to both investors and brokers through email & social media marketing and various other online marketing channels. This ensures greater market reach and participation in both South Africa and internationally.

QuoinOS is however much more than a marketing tool. 

It may be argued that marketing software and data vaults are fairly commonplace. That is true, but here the true differentiator comes to the fore.

The seller is in control of creating properties for sale and uploading Due Diligence information before setting the properties live on the site, making it available to purchasers and brokers.

Users register on the site and, for the properties with sellers remaining in complete control by managing user access and permissions. The system allows buyers and brokers to access the full suite of Due Diligence information and to submit online offers or bids, ensuring transparency, auditability and reporting.  All offers received are viewed by the seller.

The offer process is automated, allowing the buyer to place an offer, with all the necessary conditions that may be required, completely online and in a format acceptable to the seller. This allows the seller to manage multiple offers on a property and also giving purchasers the opportunity to place competing offers, in a transparent, fair manner.

Quoin Online has been using this functionality very successfully and is encouraged by the acceptance of Fortress and others to use the technology internally to manage their sales. As the online presence grows daily, and speeded up by COVID experiences, this is a giant step forward for the acceptance of technology to make the property industry more efficient and nimbler.

View the Fortressonline site here:

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